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  • Thai Tea

    Authentic Thai Tea

    T1 Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea
    T2 Centella Herbal Tea (Skin Improvement)
    T3 Maroom Herbal Tea (Vitamins, Macro and Micro Elements)
    T4 Mulberry Herbal Tea (Diabetes Treatment and Weight Loss)
    T5 Roselle Herbal Tea (C and P Vitamins)
    T6 Lingzhi Herbal Tea (Ultimate Health Improvement)
    T7 Rang Jued Herbal Tea (Any Toxins Release)
    T8 Matoom Herbal Tea (Respiratory System Treatment)
    T9 Gingo Biloba Herbal Tea (Brain Issues Treatment)
    T10 Garcinia Herbal Tea (Weight Loss & Management)
    T11 Senna Leaves Herbal Tea (Digestive System Treatment)
    T12 Haam Herbal Tea (High Pressure & Treats Hypertension)