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Discover the world of Erawadee

Thai Herbs & Plants

No addiction. 100% natural. Alcohol compatible

Enchance your man power.

We gather and use only

Organic Ingredients

No.60  Herbal Spray
No.3 Tanaka Face Mask
No.1 Ya Bam Rung Rang Kai
No.7 Ya Mong Sud Pai Yellow Balm
Lip Balm Noni
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1l
Black Hair Mask with Sesame & Spirulina
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic Soap Original
Organic Soap Coconut
Organic Silk Cocoons Facial Wash Coconut
Aroma Oil Sandal
Aroma Oil Moke
Massage Oil Noni
Aroma Oil Noni