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Traditional Medicine

Heart, vessels, veins (hemorrhoids, varicose veins)

No.13 Haam (High Blood Pressure Treatment and Blood Vessels Cleaning)
No.23 Peth Sang Kart (Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids Treatment)
No.28 Safflower Blood Circulation Stimulation
No.18 Thao Wan Peing Joint Treatment
No.55 Power of 5 Herbs
Healing Set No.12 Heart Improvement
T13 Phet Sang Kart Herbal Tea (Varicose & Hemorrhoids Treatment)
T12 Haam Herbal Tea (High Pressure & Treats Hypertension)
No.59 Triphala
T9 Gingo Biloba Herbal Tea (Brain Issues Treatment)
T16 Safflower Herbal Tea (Heart and Pelvic Organs Treatment)
T5 Roselle Herbal Tea (C Vitamins)
T20 Kra Chai Dam Herbal Tea (Fatigue and Drowsiness Treatment)