No.18 Thao Wan Peing Joint Treatment

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Possesses the strongest anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. Eliminates spasms and painful effects in muscles. Accelerates the period of recovering from injuries. Intensifies blood circulation. Normalizes the jumping arterial blood pressure. Strengthens walls of vessels, normalizes their permeability and elasticity.


250 mg, 100 capsules


  • Arthrosis, coxarthrosis. Arthritises (including rheumatoid arthritis).
  • Muscular spasms, spasms.
  • Miozit (inflammation of muscles).
  • Violation of peripheral blood circulation and microcirculation (numbness, cold, extremity pain, etc.)
  • The alternating lameness.
  • Differences the jumping arterial blood pressure
  • Bekhterev's disease. Multiple sclerosis.


 Pregnancy, lactation.

Directions for use

Adults: Orally 2 capsules 3 times a day after meals, wash down with 200 ml. of water; during 4-8 weeks.


The medicine should be protected from direct sunlight and stored at temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Key ingredients

Jewel Vine (Derris Scandens)

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хорошее средство, хруст в коленях исчез
Elly Delima ID
Cocok dan Sudah beli berulang kali..
Lexicon Shilov RU
Отличное средство, хруст в суставах намного уменьшился
Олег Гречишкин RU
Все сложилось и жена вернулась, нашёл работу, завязал с курением и алкоголем, спасибо аптеке.
Катерина RU
также принимала для снижения артериального давления.

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