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Traditional Medicine
Musculoskeletal system

Joints, musculoskeletal system

No. 60 Herbal Spray Medical Spray for Back and Joints
No.66  Royal Black Balm (Agarwood Essential Oil)
Healing Set No.10 Thai Balms
T2 Centella Herbal Tea (Skin Improvement)
No.16 Thao En On (Joint Treatment)
No. 7 Ya Mong Sud Pai Yellow Balm
No.20 Maroom Moringa Vitamins and Minerals
No.55 Power of 5 Herbs
No. 5 Ya Mong Dang (Warming, for joints)
No. 6 Ya Mong Sarad Pang Pon (Cooling) Green Balm
Healing Set No.6 Joint Treatment
Healing Set No.7 Spine Treatment
T19 Ya Nuad Maw Herbal Tea (Rolithiasis and Gout Treatment)
T3 Maroom Herbal Tea (Vitamins, Macro and Micro Elements)
No. 8 Ya Mong Khao White balm Cold and flu