S34 Lungs Treatment and Skin Anti-Aging Sur Ying Wan 240 pills

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280g. TH 100+

Efficiently cleanses the lungs of nicotine, tar and other toxic substances. Removes inflammation.


500mg, 240 capsules


-Cough, sputum-purulent  discharges, bad odor from the mouth as a result

- Smoking. Very beneficia for heavy smokers

- Sore throat, runny nose, fever (flu, chronic seasonal ARI, sore throat)

- Cough, a feeling of blockedness in the chest and shortness of breath (asthma, bronchitis)

- Sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes and nose (respiratory allergies)

- Pain in the frontal part of the head, nasal congestion (sinusitis)

- Prolonged cough with bloody discharge (tuberculosis)


Pregnancy, lactation

Directions for use

For adults - orally 2 capsules 3 times a day  before meals (wash down with water); during 20 days.
Repeat course after 6 months. Children 1-5 years old take 30 mg / kg / day, 5-12 years 60 mg / kg / day

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