No. 7 Ya Mong Sud Pai Yellow Balm

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230g. TH 100+

Recovers after various injuries, injuries, fractures and sports overload. Has vasodilating and anti-inflammatory effect. Significantly accelerates the disappearance of bruises in any areas of the face and body. Effectively anesthetizes. Eliminates bruising. Reduces puffiness, swelling. Relieves fatigue after physical exertion.




  • Muscle pain, spasms, convulsions
  • Closed injuries - bruises, bruises, sprains and rupture of ligaments, dislocations, fractures
  • Arthritic pains - arthrosis, arthritis, coxarthrosis
  • Used in sports medicine
  • Plantar fasciitis, heel spur

Directions for use

Externally, a small amount (no more than a pea - sized amount is enough for the  palm - sized skin area), the balm is rubbed into the affected area 1-3 times a day.


Care must be taken to avoid accidental exposure of the balm to the eyes, nose or mouth, because this can cause a harmless, but unpleasant burning sensation. Remove the balm from the skin with vegetable oil or a nourishing cream.


The drug should be stored away from direct sunlight, at a temperature of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius



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Камиль Гайнуллин RU
Отличное средство. Играю в футбол, спина часто побаливает, перед матчем или тренировкой мажу как разогревающее средство, боль исчезает. После физ нагрузок, хорошо снимает боль и усталость. Покупкой доволен.
Римма RU
В лечебных целях точечно снимает напряжение и боль в том числе.Даю высшую оценку бальзаму
Римма RU
Использую до тренировки и после.В лечебных целях в том числе. Даю 5 баллов

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