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Organic Cosmetics

Thai organic cosmetics to care for the skin of the body

Body Scrub Noni
Body Scrub Noni $9.09  $6.82
Body Cream with Pineapple
Body Scrub Pineapple
Body Scrub Coconut
Body Scrub Coconut $9.09  $6.82
Body Cream with Coconut
Aloe Vera After Sun Gel
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml
Virgin Oil with Sesame
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Body Cream Noni
Body Cream Noni $9.09  $6.82
No.12 Foot and Joint Cream
Aroma Oil Ylang Ylang
T18 Gia Koo Lan Herbal Tea (Anti-Aging Antioxidant)
T2 Centella Herbal Tea (Skin Improvement)
Massage Oil Lemongrass
Massage Oil Pineapple
Massage Oil Jasmine
Massage Oil Jasmine $10.23  $7.67
Massage Oil Leelawadee
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