How porous is your hair?

Hair porousity is an ability of our hair to absorb water, mask ingredients and color pigment beyond the cuticle layer and into the hair’s cortex. In other words it shows how much empty space is there in hair.

First of all porousity depends on genetics, but coloring (especially bleach), hot impact can make your hair more porous.

To test your hair just take some strands and slide down. Do you feel bumps and grooves? If you feel your hair rough, bumpy and uneven, if you feel many bumps on the strands. Then most likely you have high porous hair.

You can also note that your hair absorb water quickly and sometimes it takes a lot of time to dry it. Porous hair is hard to relax and style. If you color your hair, pigment can escape faster.

Special treatment can help to manage high porous hair. Take a look at our Yellow Mask with egg yolk, papaya and biotin. All these ingredients help to make your hair cuticle healthier and more flexiable. It will let your hair absorb water, color pigment etc. and hold it inside. Cuticle flakes can open and close to fix a substance inside. Then your hair will be relaxer, smoothier, shiner and will bear your stylish routine well.

You will see effect for sure.

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