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  • Healing Set No.4 Healthy Skin

    Healing Set No.4 Healthy Skin

    $ 79.36

    Complex for the treatment of skin diseases, No.27 Sea Holly - antiallergic, facilitates the course of allergic reactions, also normalizes cellular immunity, reduces inflammation of the skin, promotes the removal of allergens and toxins by the body's lymphatic system. No.26 Look Tai Bai reduces the degree of dystrophy of liver cells, normalizes liver functions, such as the neutralization of various foreign substances (xenobiotics), in particular, allergens, poisons and toxins, by converting them into harmless, less toxic or easier to remove from the body; helps to neutralize and remove from the body excess hormones, mediators, vitamins, as well as toxic waste and final products of metabolism, for example, ammonia, phenol, ethanol, acetone and ketonic acids; No.21 Lingzhi restores the immune functions of the body, reduces the predisposition to allergic reactions.

    Weight: 360g. Categories: Traditional Medicine
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