Coriander Thai Spice 75gr

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The use of coriander in cooking is quite extensive and varied. Seeds are also used to make a wide variety of drinks, and for sauces, and for marinades, and for cooking hot dishes. Consider the most common recipes.


  • Marinade for barbecue. A handful of coriander seeds can give any meat an amazing aroma and taste in just a few hours. To do this, you just need to crush the seeds in a mortar with other spices to taste. Adding olive oil spices will reveal their full flavor. Especially suitable for lamb and beef. Coriander completely overpowers the specific aroma of lamb, making it a real delicacy.
  • Borodino bread. Bakery famous all over the world. Only 2-3 pieces are added per kilogram of ready-made bread dough. coriander. Also, coriander seeds are necessarily used when sprinkling. The result is an amazingly fragrant and healthy bread.
  • Pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. Any housewife knows that by adding a few coriander seeds during boiling, you can not only make your pickles flawless, but also reduce the likelihood of bacteria.
  • Adjika - prepared exclusively using ground coriander.
  • Tkemali. The spicy sauce, ideal for any meat, is also prepared on the basis of coriander seeds.

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