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Anti-Aging Face Mask Noni

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The mask on the basis of Noni juice significantly improves the complexion and gently cleanses the skin, refreshes and tones, nourishes, smooths wrinkles, has a pronounced anti-aging effect, prevents the appearance of pigment spots. When applied as mask Noni juice enhances blood circulation and microcirculation, saturates the skin with vitamins and microelements, which are so rich in Noni juice that after a regular application of the mask lifting effect can be seen immediately. Natural mask of juice and pulp Noni is suitable for any skin type, especially recommended for the treatment of problem skin: after application of the mask, inflammations on the skin decrease, acne spots become lightened. The mask with Noni juice also effectively cleans pores and removes black spots.

Weight: 179g. Categories: Organic Cosmetics Face Care

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