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How to pay using Visa/Mastercard
This method can be used when paying for an order directly on the site. It is possible to pay using any Visa / Mastercard bank card. To pay by this method you need (pre-fill all fields for ordering):
Step 1.
Add the product you are interested in to the cart:
Step 2.
After you have added products to the cart, go to the cart in the upper right and click "Order", as in the picture, or click "Go to cart" in the pop-up window:
Step 3.
You must select your shipping address. If you have not created an address yet, you need to create it.:
Step 4.
After that you need to choose a method of delivery and payment.
If you have a promotional code - click the "I have a promotional code" button and enter the code.

To pay with a Bank Card, you must select byVisa / Mastercard.Then you will be redirected to the safe gate of the Thai bank. Thanachart Bank:
Step 5.
Then you need to fill in all the fields as in the picture. You can change the language of the page in the upper right corner.
Step 6.
Perhaps you will receive a one-time password or another type of payment confirmation. Next, a notification about successful payment will appear and you will be redirected back to the Erawadee website.
After that, you will receive an SMS with a code to confirm the payment. After making the payment, wait for the automatic return to the site
How to pay with your card if you don't have paypal account.
Paying with Paypal account is simple, secure and gives you 100% buyer's protection. However if you don't have Paypal account, you can easily pay with your normal bank card.
Follow below video instructions or the simple 2 steps described below. If you still have questions, you can ask for assistance by using the chat-box in the bottom-right corner. Our Agents are available to serve you 24/7.
Step 1.
After adding products to card, selecting your address and reaching the checkout, click on the Pay With Paypal or Card button.
Step 2.
You will be redirected to paypal secure payment gateway. Fill in your card details and billing address and click continue.
* Note that the billing address, is the address where your card is registereed. Your products will be delivered to the address you selected on your previous screen.

* You may be offered the option to create new Paypal account. If don't want to create it, just tick the No, I don't want an account now.
Or you can create an account for faster checkout next time. Paypal is very safe and reliable. You can always get your money refunded if your goods were not delivered to you.
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