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  • Traditional Medicine

    Traditional Thai medicine based on 3000y/o ancient recipes.

    No.30 Wan Chuk Mod Look  (Female Diseases Treatment)
    No.31 Gínkgo Bilóba and Pánax Ginseng
    No.32 Klu (Treatment of Kidneys and Bladder Inflammatory Diseases)
    No.33 Kan Plu (Intestine Treatment)
    No.34 Kra Chai Dum (Enhancement of Male Heart)
    No.35 Ya Ra Bai (Intestine Function Normalization)
    No.36 Kwao Krue Khao (Female Health)
    No.37 Rang Jued (Anti-Poison Medication)
    No.38 Ya Nuad Maw (Urolithiasis and Gout Treatment)
    No.39 Khi Lek (Insomnia Treatment)
    No.40 Gínkgo bilóba (Medication for Cerebral Vessels)
    No.41 Khing (Digestion Activation)